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My Life Map

Exercise for creating physical metaphors in time and space for significant moments and people in your life

At regular intervals on your journey of self discovery it is very useful to identify where you are in your life; what baggage you may have brought with you, what you would like to keep and what you don’t need any more. For this exercise I would like you to collect a minimum of 20 objects. They can be anything that can fit into a carrier bag, including; kitchen utensils, bathroom items, jewellery, any objects from around the house. Whatever your eyes or your mind rests on, choose that object. Please do not question why you have chosen the particular objects or what they may be used for. Please do not read on to the exercise until you have the objects, trust in the process.

Now that you have your objects put them somewhere safe for the moment and identify a clear area in the place where you live where you can take four good paces from a wall into the room without meeting any furniture.

The exercise
First find an object (not one of the twenty that you have already chosen) that you can put on the floor as a marker. Go to the clear space that you have identified and take three paces from the wall into the space and place your marker.

This space is where you are going to map your life line from birth, at the wall, to this moment in time which will be where you have placed the marker. You have the space of three paces to map significant moments in your life from birth to the present day. You will also need pencil and paper ready for later on.

Before we begin I want to emphasise how important it is for you to trust in the process and in your sub conscious. Please carry out the exercise in the order that I give it to you and do not jump to the end.

Take a few minutes to think of significant moments and/or significant people in your life. When you have at least one thing of significance in mind decide where they will be in the space allocated to your life line, somewhere between birth and now. Choose an object from your selection for that moment or person and place it to mark the position on the floor. As more moments and/or people come to mind continue to choose other objects and place these where ever you feel is appropriate until you have a line of objects that mark your journey from birth to now. It is not important how many objects you have used. You do not need to use all twenty or you may have found that twenty is not enough, in which case just choose something from your immediate surroundings. Also allow your sub-conscious to choose the objects. Do not spend time now analysing. That will come later.
It is important to remember that this “life map” that you have marked out is how you feel about your life at this particular moment. You may well feel differently at some other time.

For the next part of the exercise I would like you to make notes so that you have the information for your future use.

The reading (analysis)
1. Look at the line of objects and first of all become aware of what you have considered to be significant at this moment.

2. It is also as relevant to realise what or who you may have left out?

3. Be aware of the spaces between the objects. Is there any significance in these spaces? How do they compare with the number of years between birth and now?

4. Now go to each object in turn remembering its significance and describe the object to yourself. Feel the texture. What is it? Does it have a purpose? Does it shine or is it dull? Is it a container? Be aware that this object has been chosen by your sub-conscious as a metaphor for the significant moment or person that it is marking. Throughout this exercise your sub-conscious has been given the opportunity to reveal thoughts and feelings that may have been suppressed.

5. When you have described all the objects in your map, take a look and see if there is any object that you would like to take into the future. Some memory, object or person to help you on the next part of your journey. Who or what is it and why? Place this object in the space beyond your “this moment” marker, so it is there for you in the future.

6. Finally before you return your objects to their original places look back over your life map, the past, the now and the future. Be aware of any insights that this exercise has brought you. You may like to take a digital picture to keep for future reference.

Write down anything that you feel has been important for you to recognise and become aware of in this exercise. You may choose to share this with a friend or to keep it for your own information.

Remember this is how you feel at this particular moment about your life so far. It is a marker for the beginning of the next stage in your personal journey.

I trust you will find this to be useful. Don’t pressure yourself, what happens just is. Be aware and the messages will become clearer as time goes on.

Finally don’t feel pressured, what ever happens is a blessing and a lesson, be aware and stay with your feelings.