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Posted January 27, 2010 by StacyMc
What is abundance, and how does one find it? Here’s the secret you may not even be aware of ‒ there is no seeking or finding abundance…there is only accessing what is already available to you.

Abundance takes many forms:

• Wealth of spirit and connectedness with the divinity within every living thing, in every moment of time

• Health and wellness, through balance of spirit, body and mind

• Enriching personal relationships based on selfless caring and reciprocal energies

• Embracing your inherent gifts, and the meeting of those gifts with your unique destiny

• Prosperity of words, gestures, talents, intentions and actions which, when shared freely, reflect back to you in countless messages, insight, opportunities, and springboards for happiness

The source of abundance is not external, but rather an internal place from which you graciously appreciate all you have already, and manifest those additional things in your life which uplift you and promote your conscious growth. When you follow your intuition with an open heart, the abundance you draw to you is a natural reflection of all that you pour out, and promotes further abundance in the lives around you…as withIN, so with OUT.

Abundance is a self-fulfilling prophecy once you recognize:

1) You are immensely blessed, and have blessings to bestow on the world

Every experience in your life today has brought you to this moment in time. The challenges you have overcome, the relationships you have expressed, and the experiences you have amassed, grant you with this unique combination of talent, assets, and perspective that only YOU hold. You are an integral part of the cycle of life, and you should feel honored to share your passions, lessons, insight, and gifts with the world. There is a reason for all that you have been, all that you are, and all that you will be…for you to share yourself, in all your fullness and glory, with the rest of the world in the pursuit of your highest aims. Lead others by your example, for in loving who you were/are/will be, you attract more love into OUR world.

2) You have the ability, and RESPONSIBILITY, to manifest your conscious desires

Wishing something to be so is not enough. Conscious intent is a wonderful thing, but it is merely a step along the path. Prayer, affirmations, intentions, meditation are wonderful tools for listening to our intuition, refining our vision, and receiving the wisdom available to each of us. But for an act of manifestation to truly occur, you must be committed to action as well. Even small changes, actions, and progress declare to the world your dedication to the course you pursue. These actions may take any multitude of forms: strategy, speech, writing, releasing blockages or pain, praise, inviting new people into your life, research, study….the list is endless. It is not a question of HOW you take action, only that you do, in some form. You are divine, with the power of creation at your disposal…through word, through touch, through a smile…each of us possesses the ability to turn each moment into a positive experience…and so, how can you not do just that?

One of the most significant obstacles in anyone’s journey is to overcome fear ‒ fear triggered by sense of duty, and repercussions of failure, embarrassment, pain or loss. Fear is a gauzy veil that we must push through at times to recognize our own dreams, and manifest them as reality. As I once explained to my brother, remember back to when you were a child afraid of the dark, and convinced there was a monster under your bed. All you had to do to dissolve that irrational fear is take those three little steps across the floor to flick on the light. But in your terror of what might grab your ankles, those are the three most difficult steps to ever take. And yet, pushing through the fear, and flipping on the light will reveal that there was never any monster under the bed, merely a figment of your creative imagination, and permit you easy, restorative sleep once again. Those three steps may be the most difficult you ever take, and yet the rewards for the effort free you from the belief in that terror forevermore.

3) That in doing so, you permit the opportunity to share your abundance with the world

There is no greater gift than in being in a position to give to others. Many of us have come from subsistence living environments, and we are barraged with images in our culture that accumulation is a measure of success, power and happiness. Abundance is gratitude and appreciation that what you have is all you need, and the recognition that as your needs change, what you require will be available to you. There is no scarcity, no need to horde, no need for conflict, because YOU always have the ability to manifest what you desire. The trick is in recognizing whether what you desire is necessary for you to attain your highest aims. Confidence in the process of your life, listening to your intuitive wisdom, aligning with your highest aims, opening your heart to abundance in its variety of expressions, and taking conscious action to represent your commitment to growth are what call abundance and manifest it in your reality. And because we are each connected to everything around us, it has a ripple effect in our relationships, our family, our community, and our society.

You will notice that I have never once mentioned abundance in the terms of monetary prosperity. Enough said. Recognize what will truly make your dreams and visions reality, without considering the how’s or when’s, and permit life to grace you with those opportunities. Be open to recognize those opportunities and act on them as they appear. Listen to your heart and your intuition to guide you. Remain confident that while you may have lessons yet to learn, you will not ultimately fail.

Many blessings for abundance in your life. Live joyfully and share your gifts. Namaste.