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One to one

Imagine a relationship where the aim is to listen to and focus only on you, on your goals and dreams in life, and on what will help you achieve them.

Imagine a relationship with someone: Who is totally curious about your dreams and aspirations and wants you to get there

Imagine a relationship with someone who will absolutely tell you the truth:

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group workshop

Group work

Group work is beneficial in many ways and can be great fun. Sharing action is an important part of the process. Action methods can be a useful way to bring groups together, to explore issues, or simply to have a meaningful and exciting experience.

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  • Do you feel you are repeating the same negative patterns in your relationships but you can’t change them?
  • Are you at a crossroads in your life and unable to see the way ahead clearly?
  • Are you dwelling on the past or continually worrying about the future?
  • Do you feel blocked in your work not knowing where to focus next?
  • Would you like to feel more confident and less anxious?
  • Do you get angry and sometimes wonder why your anger is out of proportion to the event?

Working through movement and action as well as through words will have a much more profound effect and will help you to access feelings and thoughts that are often hidden from your conscious mind. (Watch video)

What you have is this moment and all your past, present and future are in this moment.

No matter how much conscious positive thinking you do it is the sub conscious mind that has the power to keep you locked in to old and inappropriate patterns. Through experience and study, We have techniques that will help open doors that were previously closed and light up paths that were hidden in the dark corners of your mind. Your body remembers, we hold old patterns in our bodies as well as in our minds. Working with Being in Action techniques, you can reintegrate your capacity to heal and move forward.

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